2018 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Technology 

October 19-21, 2018, Taichung, Taiwan
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October 21, 2018

1. Gold-Joint Eco Engineering Demonstratio Park

The concept of considering the sustainability of both engineering and the environment is influencing the contemporary engineering methods. As issues of traditional engineering methods and environmental impacts keep arising, the geosynthetic is gradually becoming the preferred solution for the broad civil engineering applications; it is proven that constructions can be easy and environmentally friendly with it. In order to promote the environmental and engineering benefits brought by geosynthetic solutions, the ACE Geosynthetic EcoPark is built to demonstrate the various applications of geosynthetics in actual dimensions (1:1); it is the first in Asia with more than twenty application methods and various facilities. Besides demonstration purpose, it also serves as a ground for education to the general public.

2. City Bear cological far Farm or National Museum of Natural Science


2018 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Technology
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